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20 fun serious facts about Uganda

Uganda, the ‘Pearl of Africa’, as Sir Winston Churchill named it, is actually a wonderland! Is it a small country in East Africa but with a wealth breathtaking nature. Be prepared to see a Gorilla, a humanlike animal from its natural habitat in Bwindi (one of the largest natural rainforests in Africa)

You will see Lake Victoria, the Source of River Nile, Mabira Forest and Kampala City!  Uganda has been ranked “World’s number 1 tour destination” by Lonely Planet and described as by “Africa’s New Frontier” by National Geographic.

Here are the top 20 fun facts about Uganda

  1. If you are a foreigner, you are “Mzungu”. It’s a name you will hear locals calling you!
  2. Uganda’s favorite fast food is a “Rolex”. We are not talking about the watch here! It is a delicacy with fillings of egg and variety of veggies wrapped in a chapatti. You must try one while on your volunteer trip with Snapi Zera Africa.
  3. Ugandans are ranked among the top friendliest people in the world. If you are open and relaxed they will love and welcome you. Ugandans however don’t like confrontation.
  4. Uganda  is home of the  Lake Victoria Source of the Nile, one of the seven natural wonders of Africa
  5. Mass transit is a white mini-van called a “taxi”. A passenger motorcycle is called “A boda boda
  6. Uganda is one of the safest, stable and secure countries in Africa  
  7. Anopheles (malaria carrying) mosquitoes are active from midnight to 5am & they don’t make a sound.
  8. Uganda is for the birds – it has 11% of the birds found in the world – over 1060 recorded species of birds – making it the number one country in Africa for Birders.
  9. Christians and Muslims live together in harmony in Uganda.
  10. Visa is the most popular card in Uganda  
  11. Matooke is the main staple food, it’s made from un-ripened mashed bananas. But you can try a Pineapple as well, the sweetest in the region.
  12. Coffee, the Robusta Variety is indigenous to Uganda Coffee was born and raised in Uganda though most Ugandans drink Tea – today, Uganda produces some of the best coffee in Africa  
  13. Idi Amin is not the current president of Uganda. He died long time ago!
  14. If you have to pee, it’s called “making a short call”.
  15. The electricity can go out at any time for 4 to 24 hours. We call it load shedding. A power backup is however available at our volunteer homes.
  16. The 2 major English language newspapers are “The New Vision” and “The Daily Monitor”.
  17. Uganda is home to over half of all Mountain Gorillas in the world 480  -– 19 habituated gorilla groups to be visited.
  18. Uganda has more Chimpanzees than any other East African County (5000)
  19. Uganda has more Butterflies of every color than other East African Country
  20. The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria, and Uganda lays claim to much of it.

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