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Uganda: Healthcare interns to work in communites

Health Care Intern

Being a Health Care Intern is an excellent way of supporting the government’s efforts to provide quality health care to the community. especially at this time when the Country is experiencing a scarcity of human resources in the health sector. This will be an experience which will give new meaning to your vocation.

In both the primary health facilities and at the larger referral hospitals and clinics, intern volunteers will find themselves working with patients who have a wide range of illness. There are many different departments in the majority of the hospitals we work with, including maternity, general medicine, surgery, and pediatrics. With the support of Lend a Hand International, you can decide if you can decide if you want to work in a variety of different departments or focus on one particular.

What to expect?

Anyonewhohasthedesirecanbeavolunteerinhealthcare. However, yourrolewillbedeterminedbyyourlevelofmedicalexperienceaswellastheeagernessandeffortthatyoushowtotheprofessionallocalstaff. Preuniversityinternsusuallystartbyobservingthedoctorsandnurses. However, youmayfindmorepracticalopportunitiesariseonceyougettoknowthelocalprofessionalsanddemonstrate a goodunderstandingoflocalmedicalconditions. Itisimportanttobuilduptrustandgoodrelationshipswiththelocaldoctors.

The medical experience of terms also varies. There are some who just have an interest in helping out and there are others who are actively studying medicine in school. Lend a Hand International welcomes any person who has an interest in the field of medicine and the art of healing.

Intern volunteers also take part in outreach work that often involves travelling to local communities and providing healthcare services that would not otherwise be available. This is a great opportunity to get involved with valuable community healthcare initiatives.

Lend a Hand International organize regular medical workshops for intern volunteers in health care. We also provide a hotline service which allows you to ask about specific things you have seen during your placement. The hotline will also answer any questions you may have about the public health systems in the respective country.

As a nursing or midwifery intern, in the first week you will mostly observe the professional staff before being able to participate yourself. In the second to third week, depending on your professional level, you will start observing and/ or working under the supervision of matron and the chief nurse in a variety of natural births, caesarean sections, gynecological and obstetric procedures. You will also have the chance to take part in the following tasks: welcoming and reception of the pregnant women, helping out in the care and support treatment and participate in the management of the health facility systems, especially in information gathering and screening.

Physical and Psycho-medical Therapy

In addition to the hospitals under the physical therapy departments, Lend a Hand International works with a variety of rehabilitation centers where you have the opportunity to work alongside local staff in helping both adults and children. However, it is important that you have some experience or qualifications in this area. You will be given unique opportunity to gain knowledge about how local procedures and patient support are comparable to your past experience in these areas.


Your working hours will usually be decided on a weekly basis. Most interns work from Monday to Friday and have the weekends.

How to apply?

Proceed with the applications process. Once your application has been received, in which you will specify the country you want to serve, the country director will be in touch with you. The director will help you understand more details about the specific assignments related to your volunteer service and will be your guide from the application process to the end of your service. He/she will be able to answer your questions before you leave until you return home.

Commitment to you and our people

Volunteer safety is one of our priorities. Our volunteers are equipped with comprehensive information packs before departure, and undertake a full orientation and training on arrival in the country of destination

Project Time:     from 2-12 weeks

Age Limit:  We can host most people irrespective of age, but we recommend a minimum age of 16 years old.

What ’s  Included:

  • Airport transfers – to and from the destination port of entry
  • Accommodations with an understanding and open minded local host family
  • 3 meals a day
  • Pre-Departure Kit- Full project details will be sent following registration

Induction – All necessary trainings/ orientations and introductions upon arrival

What the Fee Excludes:

  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your stay in the foreign land
  • Airfare to and from the destination
  • Personal items such as curios, gifts, clothing [work and other]
  • Email/internet and telephone calls
  • Soft drinks or beverages
  • Visa processing for border crossings
  • Personal planned excursions and tours

Do I need Experience?

While no formal experience is required, a passion for the area you wish to volunteer in is important. If you want to shape your volunteering trip around your field of study, we are able to facilitate this too – enquire with us.

Weekly Price [These prices are just sample are not final]

WEEKLY2 weeks3 Weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks11 weeks12 Weeks

*Every extra week is $300

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