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Creating more impact into society and more during this trying times of Covid 19 pandemic

Adrian Favor, She is the first born out of three children from Sylvia. She was born normal just like the other siblings and only to get an episode of severe malaria with convulsions at the age of three. this is where her normal growth mile stones stopped as a child. At 15 years she cannot use toilet, feed her self, or even take part in a regular social activity.

Mercy’s Nest Foundation took over her care and pays for the medical and rehabilitation bills at a children’s home in Kampala where Adrian currently gets a cocktail of therapies for a better life.

Adriana is just a drop in an ocean of the children the organization takes care of and you can make a difference too by joining our cause of making all children despite of their ability status live a better life with their families.

”No one is useless in this World who lightens the burden of another.”

You may support through visiting our donation page and choose your preferred donation option.

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