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7 Perfect Ways to Volunteer in Uganda.

Uganda is a beautiful country with endless things to do and places to explore while volunteering in Africa. There are hundreds of different meaningful ways to volunteer in Uganda, whether you’re committed to helping underprivileged communities, want to work with animals, or hope to contribute to conservation projects. To give you some inspiration for your trip, here are the best ways to volunteer in Uganda that truly won’t disappoint:

  1. Teach Children in Uganda

If you are looking for something exotic for your volunteer program in Africa, then Uganda is your answer! Volunteer in local schools in Uganda teaching English, and you’ll have the opportunity to change student’s lives. Schools in Uganda tend to be overcrowded, with not enough teachers and equipment to educate everyone properly. By volunteering to teach English in Uganda, you’ll help fill a gap that will truly help local students. With the perfect combination of enthusiastic volunteers and eager people who are willing to learn, you’ll leave your volunteer work in Uganda feeling inspired and glad you did something so special.

If you’re into your sports, volunteering in Uganda to coach cricket (or any other sport) may be a great idea. You can work with enthusiastic children to teach them the skills to play the game. You can be supported by skilled teachers and learn something yourself too! This type of volunteering is ideal if you want to do something good, learn a new skill, or keep fit over the course of your trip!

  • Contribute to Community Development in Uganda

Choose from volunteering in Uganda in childcare, teaching, or women’s empowerment in beautiful green rural villages of Uganda. Uganda is an off the beaten track destination and it is oozing with history and art. You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and meet lots of amazing, like-minded individuals. Upon seeing the extreme poverty in some areas, you’ll be able to see the difference volunteers can make to the community.

  • Empower Women throughout Uganda

Gender inequality is still a huge problem in Uganda. If you’re the type of person who wants to get involved in real development work and help improve the lives of disadvantaged women, this is the perfect choice for you. As a women’s empowerment volunteer in Uganda, you can help change women’s way of life by educating people, teaching women English to give them a better chance of obtaining jobs, and encouraging women to talk about their experiences so they can move forward with a more positive outlook.

  • Work with Children with Disabilities

One way to volunteer in Uganda is to work with disabled children and children with learning difficulties to help assist their learning and improve their general learning environment. In poorer communities, there are often negative attitudes toward people with disabilities, so you can be part of teaching people how to enable each other and include these children so they can lead the happy, fulfilled life they deserve.

  • Provide Healthcare Services

Get hands-on medical experience in Uganda, which will not only look amazing on your CV, but will also help local people get the healthcare they need. You can work under the supervision of experienced professionals who can teach you about what it’s like to be a working medic in Uganda. Although this type of volunteer work in Uganda will keep you busy, you will feel proud of yourself for getting stuck in and supporting local hospitals.

  • Become a Dental Volunteer in Uganda

Have you always dreamed of being a qualified dentist or dental nurse? One incredible way to prepare yourself for your dental career and get something different on your CV is through dental volunteering in Uganda. You’ll learn a lot about working in dentistry in a country where resources are not so readily available, which will improve your skills while also making you appreciate the skills of those around you.

  • Help on Construction Projects in Uganda

Help local communities and the dedicated teachers by helping to build a local school. This is an amazing way to make a difference and ensure that children are given the educational opportunities that they deserve. Many children in underdeveloped countries are so eager to learn, but simply don’t have the means to do so. Building a school will create a safe, focused environment so they can thrive.

 Bonus Tip: Add Adventure to Your Trip!

If you have your heart set on a certain type of volunteering opportunity, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can add additional options on to your volunteer program in Uganda if you save enough money. You could do a gorilla tracking safari trip, white water rafting, bungee jumping, culture tours and camping. These are just a few adventure ideas, but with a bit of research you can find endless places to visit and finish off your volunteer experience in Uganda perfectly!

Hopefully this list of the best ways to volunteer in Uganda has given you some inspiration to plan your own trip. Just remember: there are endless volunteer opportunities in Uganda offered by Lend a Hand International and it’s a truly beautiful place to make a difference.

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