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Adriana Favor is a 15 year old a daughter to Takirambudde Sylivia. She is the first bone out of 3 children catered for by a single parent: Adriana’s siblings Maxwell and Emmanuela are 7 and 10 years respectively.

How did Adriana get this medical condition [Autism and Epilepsy?]

Adriana just like other two siblings was bone normal until when at 3 years she got a strange disease that had signs of extremely high body temperature, convulsions and general body weakness. She was rushed to Mulago hospital and was diagnosed with complicated malaria with convulsions on 13/04/2008.

Adriana spent 3 weeks in coma while at Mulago under a treatment. She was later seen by a Doctor Professor who changed her treatment according to her mum. In total she spent 6 months at Mulago National referral hospital but without a significant mental rejuvenation.

Sylvia who was married, her husband took the initiative to pay for the medicines, and all other bills at the hospital because Sylvia had lost her job then. “My husband used to pay for the expensive Brain scans and other investigation as ordered by subsequent Doctors”.

The husband later divorced due to stigma in the community and what other people called a spells and family curses in the family. Sylvia stayed alone with her 3 children in a rental house.

                                                                                After Divorce

While staying with her 3 children in a rental single room, the house owner evicted her in response to multiple complains from subsequent tenants saying that “Adriana makes a lot of noise during day and night”.

Sylvia who also serves as a church minister left to another house where she was subsequently evicted due to similar complaints from other tenants.

                                                How does she feed her family?

Sylvia gets food from well-wishers [church members] as contribution to her family welfare because she lost her job in an Indian company where she worked as a packer.

                                                What does she face as a challenge?

  • Finding a job to earn a living and sustain her family as well as manage Adriana’s medical bills.
  • “Adriana my daughter wants to eat well on a balanced diet which I cannot afford of late but when I have business I know I can be able to provide for all my children without regret”.
  • Adriana just like other mentally disabled children can attend special schools but her mum cannot afford the school bills. Special children schools in Uganda pay between 600,000-1.5millions per term of 3 months. Equivalent to 162-405.4 USD.
  • In her early years, Adriana attended Elizabeth school of the disabled in Nangwa Mukono,” my child got very sick and almost broke her leg and it seemed that the care was inadequate so I decided to bring her back home” she explains.

Where is Adriana now?

I asked the question because I could not hear the voice of Adriana the other tenants kept complaining about.

“Adriana currently is admitted at katalemwa chesire home in Mpererwe Kampala district where children with similar mental conditions stay to be catered for and treated”. She said

                       Who pays the bill at katalemwa chesire home?

“Your giving is not just about making a donation; it’s about making a difference’’.

Adriana’s family visit her on 3rd/09/2020. (Adriana in an open chest dress)

Friends from USA [BOSTON] Norah Kajara and Johnson Kajara under Mercy’s Nest Foundation help me pay for the bills of the hospital”. I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the grace unto these mysterious servants of God”. She continues lamenting with tears of joy rolling down her straight face.

The monthly budget for a child at katalemwa Cheshire home is as follows.

Item per monthUgandan shillings  feeCost per month USDCost per year USD
General fees per term of 3 months400,000/=1081296
Nun/care taker[professional] fee100,000/=27324
Psychiatric Doctor’s fee20,000/=5.464.8
Toilet roll
Pocket money
Transport cost for visitation from the Foundation staff from office to Cheshire home
Adriana’s budget expenditure for a month and in a year.

Nothing you do to help another is ever wasted, by contributing 10 US DOLLARS or more for the above noble cause on to the account number of the organization listed below in the box; you will have contributed to countless extra years a happy living for mentally disabled (Epileptic) children in Africa.

What is Sylvia’s plan?

She is a lady in her 30s, mentally and physically able and with a good working experience as a packer from the Indian company and reputation of running a small shop in Tula town Kawempe prior to the worsening of Adriana’s medical condition.

She wants to open up a small business in Tula town where she is already known as a church minister and where she resides.            .

What’s her business choice?

Establishment of a small shop with a budget as below.

Item              Unit cost[ugshs]USDTotal cost USD
Shop Rent250,000 1 month and 750,000 3 months advance203203
A fridge for selling cold drinks800,000/=216216
Counter table200,000/=5454
Fixers and fittings300,000/=8181
Carpentry work100,000/=2727
Shop merchandise to sell800,000/=216216
Grand total3,000,000/=878878

Why that business choice?

“In Uganda several women have engaged in running small shops that have enabled them generate income to feed their families, pay school fees for their children too, and even invest later in other ventures to sustain their families, This has created a degree of Independence, confidence and that’s what I want to do”, Sylvia answers the above question with a lot of momentum.

Sylvia just like other women of her age used to run a small shop business before which was successful in the early stages but later collapsed. She attributed the collapse to having started very small but with multiple expenditures of having to pay rent in a city suburb, school fees for the second born then.                                                     Her working capital was 324USD. This was during a period when her husband had left for another woman.

What do the Doctors say about Adriana’s condition?

Dr. Kimbowa attends to Adriana and a staff of Mercy’s Nest Foundation had a one on one with him to share about Adriana’s condition.

Dr. Kimbowa what is autism?

It is a neurological condition that affects the brain, impairing speech, behaviors and the entire cognitive functioning of the brain.

“At Adriana’s age of 15 it’s quite unusual that she can attain a better percentage of speech but she can still be given chance to be assessed by a speech therapist“.  She can regain 5-10% of a normal child speech. However, much effort is required.

                Which kind of therapy is Adriana undergoing lately at Cheshire home Katalemwa?

Dr. kimbowa said “Adriana just like other patients with her condition are undergoing;

  • Physical therapy
  • Orthopedic therapy          .
  • Occupational therapy
  • Nutritional therapy as well as speech therapy

Adriana 2 months now after getting admitted at the Katalemwa  Cheshire home can now concentrate for 1-2 minutes with other children. However, she is still dependent on the care takers for all other self-care skills like brushing, washing face, eating, toilet, bathing etc.

                How long will Adriana stay at Katalemwa Cheshire home?

Dr. Kimbowa says she will stay at Cheshire children’s home for 3 months and released home for a month or 3 weeks. And in a year she attends Katalemwa Cheshire home for 3 terms.

This creates a home environment feel for Adriana which builds her social integration.

What is the possibility that Adriana and other children affected with related mental retardation conditions improve?

Dr. Kimbowa says that, “percentage of recovery of neurological conditions is a challenge. So it’s had to determine how she will recover. Also by the fact that human is different as well as depended on the extent of neuron damage.

Dr. Kimbowa says the extent of Adriana’s brain damage is not yet established.

                How long can Adriana stay in katalemwa chesire home?

All children will stay in katalemwa for up to 18 years, they may have not fully recovered but have attained certain cognitive skills to live alongside other family members in society.

                Is Adriana able to perform any vocational skill after 18 years of Katalemwa Chesire Home

Adriana in future will be introduced to noncomplex vocational skills that do not require much reasoning like;

  • Weaving
  • Bidding
  • Hand craft [paper bags making]

This will depend on her concentration span.

If you would like to assist with their financial burden, Any donation through the bank on account number 2100060747  HOUSING FINANCE BANK under the names Mercy’s Nest Foundation would be greatly appreciated. All funds raised will go directly to patient’s costs while at Katalemwa Cheshire home and establishment of a small business for her mum.

          On behalf of Lend a Hand International Inc. and Mercy’s Nest Foundation, the patient directly benefiting from the project and her mother, I appreciate the out pouring of love, prayers and support shown over the past few weeks and undoubtedly in the months to come.

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