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Uganda elderly treatment and self care skills initiate Autumn volunteer work


                               An intern with a nurse during home health care for elderly in Mukono.

This autumn as Countries plan to reopen their doors again to external travellers due to the global health crisis, Join a team of other volunteers who will work on an ideal health care project with an aim of improving both public health and medical health care of the elderly in Uganda through home sanitation improvement, providing treatment and self-care in Home health care program.

When your volunteer vacation comes to an end, you will be tired but you will have made a big difference in the lives of the elderly who are mostly neglected in third world. You will leave these rural homes with visible proof of the work you have done and happy memories of the people you have helped.

We have two work camp Dates for 2020

Work camp 1

  • Start date: Oct 15th_Nov 28th
  • Duration: 43 days [6 weeks and 1 day]
  • Arrival Dates: 1st_oct _2020

Work camp 2:

Start and end date 30th_oct_2020 and 22nd_Nov_2020

Duration one day program

Arrival date: A day before the project start date.


This program has improved the quality of life of elderly in Mukono district in Uganda. The focus is prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases amongst the elderly. This will reduce on local government expenditures and improve quality of life of elderly.

This is a developed approach to our health care support program. The volunteering program is under our Sustainable Health Care Program (SHP) called Home Health Care (HHC) for the elderly. This approach focuses on provision of basic preventive and curative health care intervention to the elderly in rural communities by a team of medical professionals and Global Health Volunteers.

Health care is the foundation of sustainable development. At the end of your tenure in November 2020, your contribution would have directly changed the lives of about 254 registered under home health care  in the three Sub Counties of Mukono district.

By providing Home Health Care support you will have helped local widows suffering from chronic conditions like HIV and AIDS, Hypertension, Diabetes, Back pain, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis pneumonia. This volunteer work will reduce the percentage of mortality rates amongst the elderly in the district and improve a better life for all.

You can help with the elderly even if you are not a Nurse, Mid Wife, Doctor Intern. This lend a Hand vacation program offers enthusiastic volunteers a chance to travel Uganda help out with a team of social workers, nurses, clinical, officers, a team of friendly likeminded international volunteers alongside locals.

This unique opportunity lets you get your hands dirty sometimes and see what a difference you have made before you head back home. But, don’t think it’s all about hard work. The program also gives you the chance to travel around the communities through our community tourism program as you explore the culture of the people you are helping.

An Intern during public health care with locals and a social worker in Mukono.

Arrival Time and Date

Volunteers interested in participating in this program should arrive in Uganda before the start date of the project. If you think the work camp dates are not favorable for you but you would like to contribute towards the Home Health Care program for the elderly, please write to us and we shall arrange a placement for you.

Volunteers can arrive any time of the day or night through Entebbe International Airport or by bus through Kenya and pick up can be arranged.

When a volunteer arrives in Uganda, our Coordinator meets them at the airport or bus stop and brings them to selected host families in Mukono.


Orientation will be done for the host family on that date, then the program orientation will also be done while at our partner organizations offices. Here a volunteer will be acquainted with comprehensive information including their schedule that runs from Monday to Thursday.

This training provides volunteers with a very detailed understanding of how to be acquainted with the culture and life of Ugandans.

All safety precautions measures will be taken following the SOPs laid out by government like mandatory quarantine for 14 days.

Program Hints:

DurationMinimum 1 week commitment
Age limitMinimum 18yrs or older for solo travellers
Minimum ageFamily of any size can participate
DatesFlexible start and end dates.
Arrival DatesOne day before the start date
Airport ArrivalAirport pickup, meet and greet by Lend a Hand International partner representative
Working daysMonday-Thursday-4 days a week 6-7 hours a day
WeekendsTravel to amazing communities amidst us (optional)
AccommodationHost families with a good reputation
MealsBreakfast, lunch, dinner daily
SupportPre departure guide in country staff available 24/2
LanguageEnglish and Luganda the locals language.

Weekly prices

AMOUNT USD$ 1800$ 2100$ 2400$ 2700$ 3000

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