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Lend a Hand International disabled child sponsorship program

Sponsoring a disabled child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.
For $50 a month, you’ll help that child her care taker mostly women and grandparents and other vulnerable children in their community to stand tall, free from poverty

How do I sponsor a disabled child?

Sponsor a child, and your monthly gift helps bring essentials like clean water, nutrition, clothing, education, basic healthcare, help train and start up a small scale business to the disabled child care taker and hope to your sponsored child, care taker and the community. When you sponsor a child, you can build a relationship with your child care taker through letters and photos. Sponsor a child for $50 a month and help that child and other vulnerable children in the community, break free from poverty for good.

  1. Sponsor a child whose story, interests, and circumstances resonate with you. You can even pick a child who shares a birthday with you or a family member.
  2. When you sponsor a child for $50 a month, your sponsorship donation is pooled with other sponsors for maximum impact to fund programs that benefit your sponsored child, care taker and their community.
  3. Along the way, you can build a relationship with your sponsored child and your child’s community through letters, videos, time, prayer, updates, encouragement, and more.
  4. Sponsors who have the flexibility and resources can even arrange a visit to meet their child. It’s a life-changing experience – we’ll help you arrange the meet-up!

When you sponsor a child, you get to watch the impact of your donation on your child, their family, and their entire community, celebrating with them along the way.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child with Lend a Hand International?

Child sponsorship with Lend a Hand International costs $50 per month. To make the most of your monthly sponsorship donation, we combine it with other donations to invest in lasting, long-term resources for your sponsored child, their community, and other vulnerable children.

What is Lend a Hand International disabled child sponsorship?

Lend a Hand International disabled child sponsorship programs focus on improving the well-being of disabled children, especially the most vulnerable for example those with multiple deformities. Child sponsorship pairs one sponsor with one disabled child. When you sponsor a child, you help provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, train child’s mother or grandparent and create a small income generating venture for her and more as planned with the child’s community, while you connect through letters and photos. All with the goal of helping your sponsored child and other vulnerable children in their community break free from poverty for good. Our programs are Christ-centered, disabled child-focused, and community based.

Why Sponsor a Disabled Child?

Sponsoring a disabled child is the most personal, effective way to fight poverty. When you sponsor a disabled child, you build a special relationship that encourages your child and their care taker with hope for the future. Plus, your donations join forces with other sponsors to lift your child, care taker and their community, and other vulnerable children out of poverty for good. Everything we do has one aim – the sustained well-being of disabled children and care takers. Your support helps pursue the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of disabled children.

Where can I sponsor a disabled child in Uganda?

You can sponsor a disabled child in many areas around Mukono district

  • Nama
  • Mpunge
  • Koome
  • Mpatta
  • Kyampisi
  • Nakifuma
  • Nakisunga
  • Ntenjeru
  • Central Division
  • Kasawo
  • Seeta Namuganga
  • Ntunda
  • Nagojje
  • Kimenyedde
  • Goma division
  • Nabaale

Where are you most passionate about helping end poverty? What Sub County is on your heart? Sponsoring a disabled child through Lend a Hand International means supporting local staff to partner with communities to develop custom solutions for your child’s community that will last.

Why sponsor a disabled child through Lend a Hand International?

Sponsoring a disabled child through Lend a Hand International is unique because we look at all the things that prevent disabled children and their care takers from surviving and thriving in their community. Then we work with each sponsorship community to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together to build a better future for all children.

Depending on the needs of your sponsored child’s community, things like clean water systems, equipping special needs schools, equipping health clinics with special children devices, farming cooperatives, pastor training, and community savings groups create a vibrant, sustainable future for every child. And since 100 percent of our staff work in their local regions, they know the culture and can help create tailored solutions for every community. Learn more about how Lend a Hand International works


Does my $50 a month go directly to the disabled child’s family?

As a child sponsor, you’re connected with one specific child. But sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. Your monthly donation is pooled for maximum effectiveness — meaning sponsored children do not receive funds directly. You join forces with other sponsors to fund long-term community development programs that benefit your sponsored child and their community, as well as other children in need.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

Your sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that helps your sponsored child, care taker and their community overcomes poverty. We partner with communities, typically 10-15 years, until they can sustain improvements. Your ongoing sponsorship allows you to witness the progress firsthand, as long as you’re able.

Is this a real disabled child? Do others sponsor the same child?

Each disabled child is matched with only one sponsor. They’re real children cared for by caretakers who are often their mothers or grandmothers with real stories. Get to know your sponsored child through letters that caretakers can share and emails, photos, progress updates, and more. You can even visit your sponsored child and see firsthand how your donation is helping to transform their community.

How do you share your Christian faith around the world?

We practice our Christian faith in an inclusive and culturally sensitive way that’s appropriate for the communities we work in. Lend a Hand International clearly identifies as a Christian organization, no matter where we go. We serve all people, regardless of their faith. In restricted regions, we believe that the selfless acts of our staff are a testimony to God’s love and the power of the Gospel.

Do I have to write my sponsored disabled child letters?

No, letter writing is not required. When you first sponsor a child, you will receive a letter from them introducing themselves. You don’t need to respond, but we make it quick and easy to send your child an email through your My Lend a Hand account. You could also send a card or care package. Children really value a life-enriching connection with their sponsors. Your encouragement will give your sponsored child hope and confidence and will be a tangible reminder of God’s love.

What your sponsored child gets?

  • Regular monitoring of their disability progress and well-being by local staff
  • Community-wide solutions such as clean water systems, improved special needs schools, health services, and farming projects for care takers.
  • Regular medical review and medication refills whenever necessary
  • Activities such as disabled children’s clubs, learning events, and community celebrations
  • Protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • Monthly review from a psychiatric doctor in case she has a mental illness.
  • Any encouraging cards, letters, photos, or packages that you send
  • Opportunity to contribute as agents of change and champion the fight of stigma in their communities
  • Any child with a physical disability that can be solved by the orthopedic surgeons gets its fixed so as to live a better dependent life.

What you get when you sponsor a disabled child

  • Welcome packet with child information
  • Your first letter from your child helped by caretaker (within about 12 weeks)
  • Yearly child photo and updates
  • Annual progress reports from your child’s community
  • Direct communication to Lend a Hand where you can email your child, send extra gifts, and see the latest photos, videos, and community updates
  • The life-changing opportunity to visit your sponsored child

How does disabled child sponsorship work?

Lend a Hand International child sponsorship programs focus on improving the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of the most vulnerable children. Our periods of experience have proven that the most effective way to help a disabled child is to strengthen the child’s entire community, caring for every child along the way. In fact,because of these community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 moredisabled children benefit, too!

We partner with communities

Local staffs start by partnering with disabled children, families, and the community. Our aim is to enable children with disabilities, with their families and communities, to build a better future for themselves.

1 Disabled Child + 1 Sponsor

Vulnerable children are nominated by the community for the child sponsorship program. Each child is matched with only one sponsor. This one-to-one connection is a powerful way to share God’s love.

Celebrate the progress

Your love, prayers, letters, and donations result in real, lasting change for your sponsored child, their family, and their community. Enjoy sharing the journey and seeing proof that your support is changing children’s lives and futures for good.

Sponsor a child today!

More Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sponsor a child through lend a Hand International?

Because together, we can make a real difference! If you’re considering sponsorship, you already want to help change lives. Sponsorship makes it possible for you to give vulnerable children fuller lives and better futures. You’ll see the transformation for yourself through regular updates while you build an enjoyable personal connection with a child who needs you.

How is my sponsorship donation used?

Your donations are used to meet the greatest needs of your sponsored child’s community. It could be carrying out that much needed orthopedic surgery, catering for a speech therapist, facilitating the Psychiatric Doctor’s reviews, safe water, nourishing food, better healthcare, or education. By donating, you also help keep children safe while getting them ready to participate in shaping their own future.

To effectively combat child vulnerability, it’s important to deal with both symptoms and causes—your support is what enables us to overcome these barriers and help disabled children reach their God-given potential.

How does my sponsored child benefit?

  • Your sponsored child will experience a fuller, happier, healthier and safer life.
  • Regular monitoring lets us check their progress and intervene appropriately when necessary.
  • Resources are pooled for a necessary surgery in case your child needs to undergo it.
  • Your messages bring them hope and happiness, and learning to read those messages increases their skills and builds confidence.
  • It’s not only their physical safety—we provide the safe, nurturing space for them to explore, develop and grow spiritually.
  • Their hopes and dreams become a reality as they watch their community transform into a healthier and safer place.

What makes lend a Hand International approach unique?

What does it mean to be a Lend a Hand International Child Sponsor?

  • Experience the joy of helping your sponsored child live a fuller, happier, healthier and safer life.
  • You can build a personal connection with a vulnerable child who really needs you, and even travel to visit them.
  • Throughout our partnership we provide frequent updates, photos, and videos so you can follow all the changes as they take place.
  • And, if you choose to, there are many ways for you to get involved and help improve the world for these children.

How are disabled children chosen for sponsorship?

The families who receive our help are the ones who need it the most. Sponsored children are carefully chosen by people who know them best – local Lend a Hand International staff and their own community members. At Lend a Hand International respecting the rights of parents is important to us. That’s why parents and caregivers are the only people who are allowed to register a child for sponsorship, and their involvement continues throughout all program participation.

What does my sponsorship mean to my sponsored disabled child?

As a sponsor, a child’s hope, happiness, and confidence is in your hands: your help provides a better life and transforms their future in ways they didn’t think possible.

What is Lend a Hand International disabled Child Sponsorship?

Your participation in Lend a Hand’s Child Sponsorship program is essential to granting children, families and entire communities a path to a better future.

Our proven, unique approach is fueled by your sponsorship. Your help enables us to provide positive, lasting impact to communities by focusing on the root causes of poverty and injustice.

How does Lend a Hand International disable Child Sponsorship work?

First, parents and caregivers in lend a Hand International program areas register children to be sponsored. Then lend a Hand International connects you with a child who needs your help. As that child’s only sponsor, you will have many opportunities to build a relationship with them.

Your monthly donations become part of a powerful collective fund capable of permanently transforming your sponsored child’s community into a place that offers them the future they deserve.

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