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A 5 year old boy cherished by God

2nd JULY 2015

 Dalton lives with his mother and 2 siblings. His mother struggles to provide for the family.

Dalton is epileptic and constantly gets fits; He grows up in a poor community in Southern Uganda. Family homes are made of mud and sticks with rusted metallic roof. Their diet consists mainly of bread made out of corn meal, matooke and cassava. Sweet potatoes are also staple during times when food is scarce. The climate is tropical, with a dry season and a rainy season. The community is located on a tropical land scape and the terrain is very flat.

Dalton is not in school at this time because of the constant seizures and his failure to hear. He helps at home by being good. He likes to play with dolls. Despite being epileptic, he is in satisfactory health.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Dalton and his community with improved health through providing treatment for the constant seizures of children with epilepsy, vitamins, disease prevention, and mosquito nets to combat malaria. Your support will provide literacy programs for mothers and their disabled children. Wells will be rehabilitated to produce safe, clean water, and youth will receive vocational training. And our caring staff will reflect Christ’s love to these disabled children through their actions and lives.

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