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           A 14 year old boy from Uganda and a child of God.

                       01 JUNE 2006

Edrine lives with his mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister. They all stay at their grandmother’s home. Despite their efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Edrine was born normal but at 3 years he developed a strange illness that according to the mother put him down to almost a state of death. Mother recounts that at some point they had even started arranging funeral service for the boy and he showed signs of life again. The gathering mourners were surprised by what had happened….. . Mother says he took the boy to 2 hospitals but the child continued to get constant seizures. Families here survive on sweet potatoes, plantain and cassava. The climate in the region is tropical

He does not do any activity because of the fear for him to get seizures while carrying out that particular activity. Edrine often times shows signs of wanting to disappear from home as she moves in the bushes.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Edrine and his community with improved health through providing anti-epileptic medication that control seizures, training in nutrition and maternal healthcare to pregnant mothers. Schools will benefit from educational materials and trainings for teachers. Single parents will also get access to family planning services. And our caring staff will reflect Christ’s love to these children through their actions and lives.

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