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        A 15 year old girl from Southern Uganda with possibilities

                     9TH JAN, 2006

Sharon lives with her parents and one sister. Her parents struggle to provide for the family.

Sharon is epileptic and both mentally and physically disabled. At 4 years Sharon got cerebral malaria characterized with convulsions and the effects caused all the above.

She’s growing up in a rural community of LutengoB Southern Uganda. Family homes are constructed mostly of mud bricks with sheet metal roofs or thatch. The local diet consists of cassava, sweet potatoes, plantain dipped in groundnut or leaf sauce. The climate is warm and cold throughout the year. Most families engage in small agriculture with growing crops like maize, ground nuts, banana and vegetables.

Sharon is not able to get medicines for her condition which makes the constant seizures worse.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Sharon and other epileptic children in the community with anti epileptic drugs to control the seizures and also get the required psychiatric and physical therapy.  Schools for special children will be facilitated, educational supplies, and training for teachers will be provided. Your faithful support will help drill wells providing clean water and promote personal hygiene and sanitation to reduce the spread of disease. Children will have healthier futures thanks to immunizations and training on HIV and AIDS prevention as well as malaria prevention. Our caring staff will reflect Christ’s love to these children through their actions and lives.

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