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                   A 5 and a half year old girl from Central Uganda created to shine.

                        24 TH MAY 2015.

Bukirwa Devine lives with her parents, plus two young sisters. Her mother is a house wife who used to sell charcoal but lost all her capital due to high expenditures of being able to cater for the three children. Her father sells water to people on the village. Despite their efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Bukirwa Devine was born normal just like any other child but after 3 days her body became yellow and despite being taken to hospital she did not recover from the disability status which situation she is undergoing now. Her hands and legs are too tiny and deformed for age and she looks severely malnourished. She can neither sit no do any physical activity by herself.  The family is growing up in Katoogo village in Southern part of Uganda. The region is flat, dry, and rural, and most make their living growing crops like maize and ground nuts, cassava and raising animals like goats and sheep. Because of Katoogo’s remote location, farmers have difficulty gaining access to markets or new opportunities. Farming families who can’t produce enough to get ahead often struggle to feed their children well, so kids in Katoogo face a greater risk of growing up malnourished. And families with disabled children who can’t get ahead also have a harder time sending their children to special schools.

She stays home lying down on a papyrus mat and in poor health.

Your sponsorship commitment will help Bukirwa Devine get better access to nourishing food, get the specialized orthopedic service she require, Farmers in Katoogo will also be trained in value addition so that can get value for their farm produce. Children with special needs will get access to schools. And through it all, we’ll display the love of Christ to people in need of hope.

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