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   A 22 year old lady from central Uganda loved by God.

                           11TH JULY 1998

Nalubowa lives with her mother and her disabled son. Her mother struggles to raise the two, a disabled daughter and a disabled grandson by brewing and selling local liquor called malwa. Despite her efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Nalubowa is growing up in a poor community in Uganda. Most homes are constructed of mud bricks and rusted iron roof. Families eat sweet potatoes and bread made from cornmeal and matooke. This is often eaten with vegetable soup. At 1 year Nalubowa got severe malaria with convulsions and despite all efforts to various hospitals she never recovered from the effects. She is mentally unstable. Mother says at 22 now she constantly gets seizures but not on any medication. At 22 years, mother recalls she was raped and conceived. She took on with her pregnancy and gave birth to a disabled boy.(not in picture) who is 9 years now. 

She helps at home with washing plates and sometimes fetches water. She likes to welcome and play with visitors.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Nalubowa and her community with access to mental health care services, clean water, Insecticide treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria as well as educational materials for special needs children learn to write. Sanitation and hygiene training will decrease illnesses, while initiatives on peace and fighting injustices on disabled persons and preventing HIV and AIDS will improve community well-being. And through our partnership with local churches, disabled children families will learn about the surpassing love of Jesus Christ.

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