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                                             2 year old boy from Uganda made in God’s image.

      4TH NOVEMBER, 2017

Imran is epileptic and lives with his parents. His parents struggle to provide for the family. His father is a boda boda man and his mother is a house wife. Despite their efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Imran is growing up in a rural farming community in Kakoola central Uganda. A typical family home is constructed of heavy mud bricks with rusted metallic roof. Bread from corn meal, cassava, plantains, sweet potatoes and vegetable soup are staples of the local diet. Temperatures reach 32 degrees Celsius in the hot and 18 degrees Celsius in the cold season, where the terrain is flat.

Imran is both physically and mentally retarded due to the disease effects. Mother says he cannot sit or stand by himself. He also lost his sense of hearing. He is too young to go to school. he helps by being good at home.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Imran and his community with access to clean water, immunizations, and vitamins, as well as physical therapy for disabled children. Sanitation and hygiene training will decrease illnesses. We shall empower the community to fight child marriages. And through our partnership with local churches, children will learn about the surpassing love of Jesus Christ.

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