A 2 years and 8 month old boy with a dream.

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A 2 years and 8 month old boy with a dream.

                        09 FEBRUARY 2018

Kato Nasib lives with his parents and his twin sister. His parents struggle to provide for the family.

Kato is growing up in a poor community in southern Uganda. Family homes are made of mud bricks and with rusted metallic sheet roofing. Their diet consists mainly of plantain and bread made from corn meal. Cassava is also a staple during times when food is scarce. The climate is tropical, with a dry season and a rainy season. The community is located alongside a dusty street and the terrain is full of green vegetation.

Kato was born normal like any other child but during his early childhood unlike the twin sister he got severe malaria and other infections that had an effect onto his mental and physical development. At 2 and half years child cannot sit or stand un supported. He cannot talk or even feed himself. He likes to play with dolls and sometimes when friends come he’s aggressive to them.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Kato and his community with improved health through correction of children deformities, disease prevention, and mosquito nets to combat malaria. Your support will provide literacy programs for mothers and their children, the most vulnerable in the community. And our caring staff will reflect Christ’s love to these children through their actions and lives.

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