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                     A 9 year old boy from Southern Uganda

                     11TH AUGUST 2011

Kirabo Kenneth lives with his grandmother and her mentally handicapped mother. His grandmother struggles to provide for the family. She sells local brew (malwa) to take care of the two disabled persons. Despite her efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Kenneth is born to a mentally handicapped mother. He cannot sit on his own and neither can he help himself in any way. Growing up in Lutengo Central Uganda is very challenging due to the fact both boy and mother are disabled. The region is flat, dry, and rural, and most make their living growing crops like maize and cotton and raising animals like goats and sheep and pigs. Because of  Lutengo’s remote location, farmers have difficulty gaining access to markets or new opportunities. Farming families who can’t produce enough to get ahead often struggle to feed their children well, so kids in Lutengo face a greater risk of growing up malnourished. And families with disabled children suffer the most due to huge burden of having to cater for these children who constantly need special attention.

Kenneth is not in school at his age because the grandmother cannot afford fees for special needs children and he still needs physiotherapy which she says cannot afford. He helps at home by being good.

Your sponsorship commitment will help Kenneth get better access to physical and orthopedic therapy required for his illness. Nourishing food that will help him grow up strong. Farmers in his community will have better training and market opportunities, so they can increase their production and income. Children will be supported to go to school and stay there, especially as we help parents become more aware of the dangers of child marriage and child labor as well as the options that come from education. And through it all, we’ll display the love of Christ to people in need of hope.

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