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                  A 3 years old boy from Uganda loved by God

                  08 TH JULY 2017

Mubiru Edward lives with his young brother and mother all at his grandmother’s home. His mother sells charcoal and fire wood while grandmother is not working.

Mubiru Edward is growing up in a poor neighborhood in southern Uganda. Family homes are made of mud bricks with metallic roofing. Their diet consists mainly of plantain, sweet potatoes and bread made from corn meal. Cassava is also staple during times when food is scarce. The climate is tropical, with a dry season and a rainy season. The community is located on a dusty street and the terrain is filled with vegetative growth.

Mubiru Edward was born with birth asphyxia, a condition were a baby fails to initiate breathing at birth. He was referred to Mulago hospital but because mother could not afford the bills of transport she did not take the child to the hospital for help. Mubiru has both physical and mental retardation with both legs crippled and unable to respond mentally.

Your sponsorship commitment will help provide Mubiru Edward and his community with improved health through orthopedic surgery and mental assessment, promotion of antenatal care services in rural health centers, Your support will provide literacy programs for mothers and their children, the most vulnerable in the community. Single mothers will be trained and financially supported to start up small businesses in communities to support their families.

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