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                                          A -7-year old boy from Uganda created to shine

                                         7TH JAN 2013

Ryan Kibuuka lives with his mother and 2 brothers. His mother struggles to provide for the family His mother is a casual laborer in a nearby plastics factory where she earns 1 USD per day of work. Despite her efforts, it is difficult to meet the family’s needs.

Ryan Kibuuka is both physically and mentally handicapped. He lives with his family in Samuuka village Southern Uganda. Ryan was born by forceps delivery and developed a complication that was characterized with frequent seizures and failure to respond to normal milestones of a child. Because of this, his mother has moved to several village health centers to help the child but all has not yielded positive results.  In this village, most people make their living working on people’s farms and Chines factories or trading goods. Some families grow crops like beans, groundnuts, maize and cassava for themselves, and almost everyone lives in houses made out of mud bricks and covered with metallic iron sheet. Access to roads and public services is inconsistent, and people often have to walk long distances to reach vital healthcare services. Because of a lack of clean water access, disabled kids and other children get sick from waterborne diseases, and families don’t have sanitation facilities or good hygiene behaviors. About a third of disabled children have no access to specialized health care and care takers cannot afford special schools for their children. Because of economic conditions, parents in Samuuka are forced to make difficult choices for their children’s well-being, like allowing young girls to marry. And one out of five children work instead of going to school.

Ryan can neither sit on his own nor talk because he has not got chance to visit the required therapists to help.

Your sponsorship commitment will help Ryan and other disabled children get chance to see the specific therapist doctors who will correct these disabilities. We’ll partner with national leaders to advocate for hospital deliveries so that we reduce complications that come along with delayed antenatal care attendance. Families with disabled children will get access to see orthopedic or physiotherapy Doctors get access to birth registration along with training that helps them understand the importance of education for their children’s futures. And through it all, staff will empower vulnerable kids to live into their God-given potential.

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