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Child Care

Volunteering in Child Care is one of the most worth wile activities you can get involved in. Throughout the world, there are vast numbers of children who are orphaned, neglected, or under educated and in need of love, general care, and educational support. These children need someone who cares about them and someone who can help them play and laugh and forget their troubles for a moment. Their lives depend on compassionate people like you, and your time with them will make big impact in their lives.

What to expect:

You will assist local orphanage caretakers in a day to day program. Commonly, volunteers help with meal preparation, playing and feeding children age five and under. Also, you will be helping the kids who are going to school with their daily schedule as they head out the door, like helping them make their bed. And when they return home, you will have the privilege of helping them with homework and making sure it is finished. You can also participate in the extra curriculum activities which normally are scheduled for afternoon and weekends. With support from Lend a Hand International, and local takers, you will quickly have better understanding of the environment you’re working with and together, as a team, we will come up with activities to challenge and develop the children you’re working with.

You will be at the orphanage anywhere between 4 and 8 hours a day. The majority of our volunteers choose to work from Monday through Friday, with the weekend free to rest up or explore the area. Your day may start early to help get the children up and give them breakfast. However, you will probably finish early, or have several hours off at lunchtime before returning to play with the children in the afternoon. You, as the volunteer, can choose how many hours you wish to be with the children. once you are aware of the specific program of placement of your choice, you will easily choose a suitable time to work.

Many of the orphanages have a playground or use a nearby local community area. This would be a good place teach children sports, if you have a passion for it. Most of the children have had very few opportunities to learn and develop their skills in a structured yet fun environment. Teaching children a structured sport will inspire them to set goals and stay active, both on and off the sports field.

Volunteers can get involved in working with street children in a number of our destinations. You could help to prepare free meals, provide personal hygiene advice, and teach literacy skills. Having this responsibility for others especially to children and developing personal relationships, in a cultural and new environment, it has been shown time and time again to develop individuals. Lend a Hand International have been seeing volunteers returning home with more self- confidence and have a greater understanding of themselves and the world around in general.

How to apply?

Proceed with the application process. Once your application has been received, in which you will specify the country you want to serve, the country director will be in touch you. The director will help you understand more details about the specific assignments related to you volunteer service and will be your guide from the application process to the end of your service. He/she will be able to answer your questions before you leave until you return home.

Commitment to you and our people

Volunteer safety is one of our highest priorities. Our volunteers are equipped with comprehensive information packs before departure, and undertake a full orientation and training or arrival in the country of destination.

Project Time:    from2-12weeks

Age Limit: we can host most people irrespective of age, but we recommend a minimum age of 16 years old.

What’s included:

  • Airport transfers- to and from the destination port of the entry
  • Accommodations with an understanding and open minded local host family
  • 3 meals a day
  • Pre-Departure kit- Full project details will be sent following registration

Induction – All necessary training/orientations and introductions upon arrival

What the Fee Excludes:

  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your stay in the foreign land
  • Airfare to and from the destination
  • Personal items such as curios, gifts, clothing
  • Email/internet and telephone calls
  • Soft drinks and beverages
  • Visa processing for border crossings
  • Personal planned and excursions and tours

Do I need Experience?

While no formal experience is required, a passion for the area you wish to volunteer in is important. Lend a Hand International believe that empathy, understanding and patience are essential skills needed to voluntary in an orphanage. If you want to shape your volunteering trip around your field of study, we are able to facilitate this too – enquire with us.

Weekly price

2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 Weeks7 weeks8 weeks9 weeks10 weeks11 weeks12 Weeks

Every extra week is $175

In addition to your program fee above, you’ll likely need $20-$40 a week to support a basic life which includes, internet,and a few treats such as coffee and chocolate, Transportation from host home to your placement site, however this will depend how far the placement is from your home. We would rather advice volunteers to walk to placements to limit much confrontations with cyclists and motorists.Wild life Safari, white water rafting, and general travel are a bit more expensive. Check out an East Africa or Uganda Travel Guide for options and costs.