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Child Sponsorship Program

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Sponsoring a disabled child is a personal way to show God’s love to a child in need.
For $100 a month, you’ll help that child her care taker mostly women and grandparents and other vulnerable children in their community to stand tall, free from poverty

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How to sponsor a child

Please make a donation using a secure donation form below. Donation can be made from either your PayPal account, Card or Direct Bank Transfer. Please remember to send us the name of the child via email.

Children under Sponsorship

Below are some of the children we are fundraising for.

Nanduutu Prisca
Nanduutu Prisca Beneficiary
Nanduutu Prisca is a 7 year old girl who lives with her granny and 4 other younger relatives. Nanduutu was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a disease that her granny and neighbors attribute to witch craft. Her mother succumbed to breast cancer and being the last bone out of 7 children,...
Babirye Naome Stecia
Babirye Naome Stecia Beneficiary
Babirye is a 13 year old girl who is HIV positive living with a 4 year old cousin and her grandmother who is battling hypertension and severe asthmatic attacks day by day. Babirye is supposed to be in school but she was also diagnosed recently with epilepsy a condition...
Buchanayandi Daniel
Buchanayandi Daniel Beneficiary
Daniel was born normal like other children but at 9 months he got malaria with convulsions and until now he gets regular seizures. Despite the on and off seizures, he’s in a stable mental and physical state. He lives with his parents and fetches water for people to earn a living.
Amaari Scovia
Amaari Scovia Beneficiary
Scovia lives with her mother, 2 sisters and 1 brother. At 6 months, she developed an illness that was characterized with falling down at every new moon and half-moon. This has staid till late. Her mother digs on people’s farms to earn, meanwhile Scovia helps at home by fetching water. ...
Wasswa Hassan
Wasswa Hassan Beneficiary
Hassan is first born of 2 girls and 4 boys. At 2 months he got severe malaria with convulsions and he never recovered from the consequences. He mummers can’t walk but crawls and was also diagnosed with, mental psychosis. He stays with both his parents who are peasants. ...
Nakato Enid
Nakato Enid Beneficiary
Enid lives with both her parents and one sister. She was born with a twin sister who died at birth. At 3 months she got a sudden seizure that affected her growth milestones. Her mother is a tailor and father rides boda boda in town. Despite their efforts, they are struggling to take care of the...
Kisaakye Margret
Kisaakye Margret Beneficiary
Margret and 3 of her siblings live with their grandmother who struggles to raise them. At 1 year Margret fell sick of severe malaria which left her with physical deformity that has grossly affected her life. Her mental status is stable.
Nalubuga Sharon
Nalubuga Sharon Beneficiary
Sharon lives with her mother and 2 other siblings. At 3 months Sharon got a high fever and started convulsing while her mother had gone to collect fire wood. Till let she never developed her milestones. Her mother who is HIV positive and on treatment struggles to provide for the family. ...
Nsubuga Francis
Nsubuga Francis Beneficiary
Francis is the last born out of four children, At 5 years he has not achieved any mile stones in life and has total mental break down according to his mother. He keeps snoring all time while sitting in a filthy old wheel chair. Mother does grow some crops like maize to feed the family and digs for...
Omojong Sudaisi
Omojong Sudaisi Beneficiary
Sudaisi lives with his grandmother and one of her 5 siblings. At one week old he got severe malaria with convulsions. He was taken to the National referral hospital for investigations lumbar puncture but never recovered from the effects of the disease. He now walks staggering and cannot talk. But...
Byuma Ibra
Byuma Ibra Beneficiary
Ibra is raised up in family of 4 boys. He was born with a physical disability which was not corrected to date. At 13 years Ibra cannot stand, or talk but can crawl from one place to another and mentally stable .His parents are both peasant farmers but despite their efforts they cannot afford...
Kato Tenywa David
Kato Tenywa David Beneficiary
          03/JUNE/2010 David is a twin whose brother died at birth. Her mother on realizing that the boy had hydrocephalus decided to dump him and disappeared. His father decided to lock him in the house until a friend convinced him to brim him out and helps him take care of the boy. He...
Nabakooza Peace
Nabakooza Peace Beneficiary
Peace lives with both her parents and four of her siblings with whom one brother is also mentally and physically disabled. Her mother digs of people’s farms and Dad fetches water to sell on a bicycle for a living.
Mukasa Arham
Mukasa Arham
Nalubowa Florence
Nalubowa Florence Beneficiary
Florence lives with her mother. At one year she got a high fever and began convulsing with constant fits. Since then she never archived her normal mental ability. She stays home with her mother and her 4 year old mentally and physically handicapped son.
Ryan Kibuuka
Ryan Kibuuka Beneficiary
Ryan is 3rd born of 3 children in his family. He did not attain his mile stones after getting a strange disease at 2 years characterized with seizures. He stays with his mother and    grandmother who struggle to take care of the family
Namutebi Patricia
Namutebi Patricia Beneficiary
Patricia lives with her adopted grandmother who picked her on the street after she was dumped by an unknown person. Her legs and hands are deformed and she only spends her day lying on filthy flour. Her adopted gran mother struggles to take care of her and the other grandchildren. ...
Nankya Esther
Nankya Esther Beneficiary
Esther lives with her mother and 5 other sister. At 3 months she fell sick of severe malaria and convulsions which affected her physical and mental state. She cannot engage in any physical activity. Her mother struggles to take care of the family by practicing peasantry. ...
Musinguzi Edrine
Musinguzi Edrine Beneficiary
Edrine is the eldest of his 3 siblings and lives with his mother and grandparents. At 3 years Edrine got a strange illness that was characterized with seizures and it affected his mental state to date. His mother recalls a time when Edrine was announced dead and while at his funeral he showed signs...
Katende Imran
Katende Imran Beneficiary
Imran lives with his mother and father. At 7 months he got severe malaria with convulsions that led to his mental and physical retardation. His teenage mother stays home and the father is a boda boda rider. Despite their efforts, they are struggling to take care of this special needs child. ...
Tumwine Gideon
Tumwine Gideon Beneficiary
Gideon lives with both his parents and one sister. He was born with birth asphyxia and at 3 days he got episodes of convulsions that affected his mental state up to date. His mother sells food items on the street and Dad is a boda boda rider. ...
Kirabo Kennneth
Kirabo Kennneth Beneficiary
Kenneth was born to a mentally disabled mother and stays at his grandmother’s home. He never developed his milestones as other children due to his mental and physical disability state. He moves by crawling. His grandmother sells local brew for income to take care of the two disabled persons in...
Tumuhaise Brandon
Tumuhaise Brandon Beneficiary
Brandon lives with her grandmother and 2 other grandchildren. His mother and father rejected him due to his disability status. While at 2 months, Brandon got an illness that was characterized with convulsions. He received treatment but the effects of the disease have lived for life. He can neither...
Nantongo Sharon
Nantongo Sharon Beneficiary
Sharon lives with both her parents and 3 other siblings. At 4 years she developed a strange illness characterized with seizures that affected her mental and physical development. Her mother and father are peasant farmers who struggle to raise the family. ...
Nakawuba Vanessa
Nakawuba Vanessa Beneficiary
Vannesa lives with her grandmother and 4 other children from other relatives. At 4 months Vanessa got severe malaria with convulsions which affected her mental and physical development. She only moves by crawling and loves visitors a lot. She lost her mother at two and half years. Her helpless...
Bukenya James
Bukenya James Beneficiary
James lives with his parents, 3 sisters and 1 brother. At 4 months he fell very sick due to malaria and started convulsing. The consequences were physical deformities of his hands and legs and he never attained his milestones as other children. His mother sells fire wood and the father is a boda...
Bukirwa Devin
Bukirwa Devin Beneficiary
Devin lives with both her parents and three other siblings who are both girls. At 4 months she got a strange illness that affected her mental and physical development. She spends time lying down. Her mother used to sell charcoal but spend all the capital taking care of her disabled child and other...
Kato Nasib
Kato Nasib Beneficiary
NASIB is a twin whose sister Razia is very normal without any disability. Her mother who is a peasant farmer says Nasib got very sick while a baby and the illness resulted into convulsions. Since then he never regained his normal mental development. He is however physically fine. He helps by...