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Toys Donation

How you can unleash potential from a child living with cerebral palsy in uganda by helping purchase that small bicycle, car, wheel chair piano, toy.

My name is Ishmail, I am the Country director Mercy’s Nest Foundation an organization that caters for children living with Cerebral Palsy in Mukono Uganda. I want to share with you a personal story on;

How a moving toy saved my child from a delayed milestone in life.

My second kid was born on 26/03/2020. At 17 months, she couldn’t lift a leg to try walking. My wife and I were so stressed, she went so negative and couldn’t have faith in any remedies apart from local herbs. Every early morning, she could get a local small leafy compound plant that she pulled the leaves to a hand full and used to tie them around our innocent girl’s ankles to walk but all in vain. Our nerves always went high whenever she could hear stories of kids in the neighborhood walking at 9 and 10 months but for ours, all in vain. The neighbors always could make comparisons that I personally got tired listening too.

One day I chose to wake up so early and got my first kid’s toy car which had lost its hind tires. I took it to my former car mechanic in Mukono town, he fixed back the hind tires and the steer wheel so well that even the older daughter who is making 7 years in June can drive on it.  I came back that evening with it and the following morning, I woke my girl up so early with a lot of momentum, I held her behind the hand rest of the toy car and guided her forward as she pushed it. Moving forwards step by step, she pushed so fast and fell down. Because kids are so crazy with toys, she couldn’t give up and soon or later she started mastering the speed and guess what, within that same week she was already walking by herself and now I proudly present to you a 2 years and 2 months girl who is riding and balancing well on a toy bicycle.

Now, this kind of miracle may not quickly happen to a kid with cerebral palsy who has been lying in the back yard or in the corner for years. But guess what this toy will do, is to train his/her intellectual and physical ability preparing him/her to take on the next and possible adventure in life.

The best activities for kids with cerebral palsy should encourage them to practice using areas affected by motor impairment frequently and consistently. For example a child with poor hand control should practice using hands. Those with balance difficulty practice balance activities; the only way to improve weak functions is to practice them. While the activities may be challenging at first, they get easier with practice. One way kids with cerebral palsy will enjoy using those affected parts is by the use of play toy cars, bicycles, talking toys, pianos, plastic wheel chairs, etc. these will provide games and educational material to the kids. Mercy’s Nest Foundation is looking for USD 2130 to purchase more than 60 play/ learning toys to close this gap in all the three child care centers established.  This will unleash the hidden potentials in these kids day by day.

You are kindly asked to donate towards the cause by buying a child play/learning toy.

Thank you for donating/buying that toy for these kids.