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Become a Volunteer


We learn, Construct, and develop – together. We are a team.

If you can spare 2 to 12 weeks, Lend a hand International has volunteer placements with locally-led, community-based initiatives in south central Uganda.

The organizations we work with provide primary education, community empowerment, public health services, and modern agriculture techniques in their own communities. They support real people – improving their lives, on their terms.

Join Our Team

Each of our partner organizations want volunteers who will bring new ideas, adapt to local conditions, and have a positive, collaborative attitude.

The ideal volunteer will deeply experience our culture, gain first-hand experience working with local communities, and share the triumphs and frustrations of daily life in Uganda.

As a result, we learn, build, and develop – together. We are a team.

All placements begin on the 1st and 15th of every month and range from 2 to 12 weeks.

Our volunteers join in on the ongoing work of our local partners.

Tell us your skills and interest in Uganda and we’ll find an appropriate Ugandan-led program seeking help.


Volunteering in Uganda provides a safe and eye-opening cultural exchange experience for people of all ages and nationalities. There’s a lot going on out here. But there’s not much photographic evidence of it floating around the internet.

Instead, we have the typical selfie – young volunteer posing with dusty little kid.

I don’t want to see idle people. I’m sick to death of poverty porn. Enough with the exaggerated stories of danger and civil unrest. This is why Lend a Hand International was founded in – to show the world the full picture of life in Uganda.

The Food

With a 365 day growing season, there’s more than enough food to go around. It’s fresh from the garden, largely organic, and so delicious.

The Work

Some days you’ll sweat, some days you’ll smile. Every day is guaranteed to be randomly different.

The Vibrancy Of Mukono Town Life

Mukono town, our headquarters, is open for business. We’ve got what you need day or night!

The Beauty And Peace Of Village Life

Ugandan villages offer no pollution, no noise, just peace. Are you ready for that?

The Garden

There’s always work to be done on the farm. Our volunteers not only plant seeds and clear weeds, they chase away monkeys stealing our crops.

The Little Dudes

Ugandan childhood is something worthy to cherish.